Supply Chain Service

Inlands & Pickups

We have our own fleet of trucks equipped to collect and distribute their cargo. In addition, we perform the monitoring through GPS and we have highly trained and reliable personnel to move your cargo to the destination, quickly and efficiently.


We have a large and modern 50,000 square foot warehouse strategically located in Miami (USA) for the reception, consolidation, storage and dispatch of your cargo to the main ports and airports.

Among our storage logistics solutions we have:

  • Storage of regular, special and / or dangerous cargo
    We have ample spaces conditioned for cargo considered as HAZMAT (Hazardous Material) and highly trained personnel for the handling of this type of merchandise.
  • Quality Control
    We take care of performing the respective quality controls and inspections, according to the parameters you define, in order to keep you informed about the status of the products that your supplier sends to our warehouse.
  • Inventory management.
    We carry out periodic inventories and we control with precision the quantity of products available in our warehouse. We keep you informed through detailed reports, photographs and constant attention from our executives.
  • Re-packing and packaging (Packing).
    We take care of grouping, conditioning, packaging and labeling your products, ensuring that the merchandise is properly packed and in this way, meets the necessary specifications for international transport (IATA packaging, fumigation of pallets, etc.).

Customs Clearance

At Alexim, our main objective is to reduce our customers’ expenses considerably, which is why we offer our Nationalization and Customs Brokerage service.
Among our logistics solutions for nationalization and Customs Brokerage we have:

  • Import procedure management
    • Import of Consumption (Advance, Urgent and Exceptional Dispatch)
    • Temporary Import.
  • Export procedure management
    • Definitive Export
    • Temporary export
  • Technical-legal advice on customs matters.
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