About Us

ALEXIM is a leading provider of comprehensive logistics services with more than 21 years of experience in the international market. We are focused on optimizing your supply chain, providing tailor-made advice for the efficient management
of your logistics chain, working as your strategic partner (4PL Fourth Party Logistics Partner). We offer international cargo transportation services: air, sea (LCL and FCL), terrestrial and multimodal; warehousing and distribution
services, customs brokerage services and technical advisory services, for the design of an efficient international logistics chain (4PL). Our main office is located in the city of Miami, USA; We also have our own offices in Peru, Chile
and Argentina. Our great position in the international market and the satisfaction of our clients and business partners, guarantee our service as efficient, fast and of quality.


“To be the global corporation, leader in integral logistic solutions and being the best strategic ally of our clients”.


“Provide integrated value-added logistics services, applying our experience and knowledge in the industry, developing an exceptional human talent and with the highest levels of operational excellence.”



    We conduct our activities within a strict ethical framework.


    We comply with the tasks entrusted and the commitments assumed.


    We recognize, accept and value our employees, customers and suppliers


    We combine our skills to find innovative solutions.


    We continuously strive to achieve the objectives set and be better.


    We offer superior, reliable and efficient services.

is a leading company in international trade operations, comprised of highly qualified personnel, dedicated to providing comprehensive and innovative logistics solutions. Commitments issued voluntarily by the institution:

  • To provide a fast, safe and personalized service to our clients, maximizing their satisfaction by meeting their requirements thru careful control of processes and improvement in our operations.
  • To establish conditions and means that protect the life, health and well-being of our workers, suppliers, contractors, and visitors within the workplace.
  • To establish appropriate safety practices that aim to improve and assure the supply chain of international trade; maintain the integrity of our processes, and prevent the occurrence of illicit activities, corruption, and bribery.
  • To contribute to the security of international transport through compliance with applicable regulations.
  • To prevent pollution thru the rational use of resources to minimize hostile impacts on the environment.
  • To provide non-discriminatory and equal treatment.
  • To act with loyalty, independence, transparency, impartiality and a high ethical content in the performance of our activities, avoiding the occurrence of any type of conflict of interest.
  • To understand the requirements of the interested parties, comply with current legislation, and meet the requirements subscribed.
  • To continuously improve the convenience, adequacy and effectiveness of our Integrated Management System”.


Reviewed and approved by the General Management on January 04, 2019
PCA-002; Rev: 1 – Policy of the Integrated Management System

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