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  • Interview with the President of ALEXIM

    August 17, 2015

    “IN-CARGO” interviewed to our President Enrique Bustamante, about the projects of the company, the relationship between the two partners and topicality of the air cargo industry.

    In this edition, Andrés Varela, Senior Sales Manager U.S. East Coast at LAN CARGO, talks to Enrique Bustamante, CEO at Alexim, about the company’s projects, the relationship between the two partners and the present of the air cargo industry.

    More than 20 years ago, Enrique Bustamante — a Peruvian native holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from his country’s Naval Academy — yearned for a new challenge and decided to embark on a journey to create his own family business. That is how Alexim Trading Corporation was born, led by Bustamante, his wife and his three children.

    But the days in which Alexim was a burgeoning family start up were left in the past; nowadays, the company has more than 200 employees, nine warehouses at El Doral, a warehouse in South Milwaukee and offices in Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Frankfurt.

    Andrés Varela (AV): For the cargo industry in general, 2014 didn’t fulfil expectations. What’s Alexim’s assessment of last year?

    Enrique Bustamante (EB): For us at Alexim, 2014 was a good year. We managed to reach the short, medium and long term goals we had set for ourselves.

    AV: That’s very good news. Referring to the business in general, how do you think the industry will evolve during 2015?

    EB: For 2015, I see real global opportunities for business development. There have been many changes in the air cargo industry during the last few years, which have led to greater space availability and an increase in connection routes.

    Even if this strengthens competition, it opens up the possibility of getting involved in new challenges.


    AV: In this same line, and considering we are in the second semester of the year, what are Alexim’s expectations for 2015?

    EB: Despite a contraction in the mining sector at a global level, we have high expectations, considering that the construction and maritime sectors have maintained a rising trend. We trust that we will achieve what we budgeted in our development plans.

    AV: According to this year’s planning, what changes, if any, are you expecting to implement during 2015?

    EB: In 2015, we are promoting the use of bellies of passenger aircraft, especially on LAN direct flights to airports of our interest. All this, for the benefit of our customers’ cargo transit times.

    AV: As the company adjusts during a complex year, what will Alexim’s main challenges be? Do you have any major projects or plans? Are you planning to expand the business to other countries?

    EB: Our main challenge is to expand services to other destinations. Thus, we opened an office in Europe in April this year, which will help us reach out to new markets. Additionally, part of our development plan is to open a new office in another South American country.

    Also, our office in Milwaukee is already working on consolidations and shipments directly from other gateways. For example, we have been shipping Caterpillar CGM air cargo from the CAT distribution center located close to our warehouse in Milwaukee.

    AV: Moving on to the relationship between partners, how do you assess the relationship between LAN CARGO and Alexim?

    EB: The relationship between the two partners is excellent. Customer service and 24/7 support are part of both companies cultures.


    AV: What can we do to work together as allies in the projects and challenges that you mentioned earlier, taking account the strategy for 2015?

    EB: The most helpful thing that LAN CARGO can do is offer competitive rates and frequencies to their customers.

    AV: Following the association between LAN and TAM, and considering that most of the freight you transport with LAN CARGO is shipped in bellies of passenger aircraft, what benefits have you seen since we became LATAM?

    EB: Following the two companies’ association, the network broadened considerably, which has benefitted both our customers and ourselves. There are now very good alternatives to complement shipments.

    AV: What features make Alexim prefer LAN CARGO?

    EB: Reliability and punctuality make the difference between LAN CARGO and other airlines.

    AV: Changing the subject, for how long have you lived in Miami?

    EB: I live in Miami since July, 1993.

    AV: What activities (museums, art galleries, etc), restaurants and bars, would you recommend?

    EB: There are lots of interesting places to visit in Miami, including Wynwood Art District, where visitors can enjoy more than 70 art galleries.

    The city features some excellent restaurants, including Setai, Zuma and La Mar, by recognized Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio.

    One of the most glamorous bars in Miami is the MO Bar, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, with one of the best views of the bay.


    AV: Considering that our customers visit the city often, both for business and for pleasure, what are the ‘musts’ for a weekend in Miami?

    EB: While in Miami, one can enjoy culture, the arts, music, sports, beautiful beaches, boat rides, restaurants and, of course, a visit to the mall.

    AV: What places close to the city are worth visiting?

    EB: St. Augustine is one of the most popular places in Florida. Its charm, history and beautiful surroundings make it the perfect destination for history fans and sports and nature lovers.

    The Florida Keys are another interesting place. One can drive along Highway 1 and hop from island to island on hundreds of bridges and roads until finally reaching Key West. Looking down from any of these bridges, one can contemplate the crystal clear water and look out for the coral at the bottom of the sea. It is a paradise for snorkeling, diving and fishing.

    Orlando is probably the most popular place of all, thanks to its theme parks Disney World and Universal Studios. It’s a magical place no matter how old we are or how many times we’ve visited. It’s always enjoyable!

    AV: Thank you very much, Enrique, for this interesting conversation, your market projections and your tips for visiting Miami.

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  • Argentina organizes trade meeting

    September 14th, 2016

    Argentina has organized a business meeting that will be held from 21 to 22 September in order to attract more investment to the country and to improve the relations of the local and foreign entrepreneurs, promoting international trade.


    The event has been organized by the Secretariat of San Luis Logistics, which is a government agency of the Province of San Luis in charge of promoting growth and development logistics linked to foreign trade in the region.


    Representatives of the Association of Counselors and Commercial and Economic Aggregates (ACACE), composed of diplomats, assigned people to diplomatic missions and representatives of international organizations will come to San Luis to establish business relations with public and private enterprises. The event will feature participants that arrived from 20 different countries.


    The main objective is to encourage commercial contacts between public and private enterprises in order to expedite economic relations between Argentina and other countries. Attendees will be able to take part in various meetings and seminars.


    Argentina wants to improve its trade relations internationally. In fact, Argentina and Mexico are negotiating on bilateral trade.

    Source: Loginews
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  • Uruguay expands its port of Montevideo

    September 13th, 2016

    Uruguay is going to expand the port of Montevideo with the collaboration of Belgium. Authorities of the governments of the two countries have signed a contract that will improve international relations between them and result in economic benefits for Uruguay.

    The port of Montevideo has currently 360 meters at its dock C. The expansion works that will extend for a year will bring another 180 meters to that dock.


    The works, which have already begun, are being carried out by the consortium formed by companies such as Soletanche Bachy France SAS, SACEEM and Dredging International.


    The project envisages the expansion of the dock in 180 meters lenght and the deepening of the base of the structure and the rest of the dock to the 2 meters deep.


    Responsible for the port have stated that the work is strategic in the national port development and improve operations bulks.


    Collaboration between Uruguay and Belgium about ports has expanded prospects for the construction of new ports and improving port facilities in general.


    Uruguay continues improving its maritime communications. In fact, the country has awarded the dredging of the Martin Garcia Canal.

    Source: Loginews
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  • Copper rose two point four percent in the week and reached its highest level in a month

    September 16th, 2016

    The cash price of copper closed with an increase of 0.14% on Friday on the London Metal Exchange thus completed four sessions of gains and reached its highest level in a month while investor optimism was maintained after economic data spread in recent days in China that suggest a stronger growth.

    The red metal ended operations to USD 2.14708 per pound compared to USD 2.14413 per pound of the previous close, scoring its highest value since Aug. 19.

    In the week copper accumulated an increase of 2.4%.

    Encouraging signs of the Chinese property market and indications of a recovery in the manufacturing sector have encouraged expectations that Chinese demand for metals show upturns in the third quarter.

    Markets in China are closed for the Mid-Autumn Festival, which reduces the volume of operations.

    "Copper consumption in China this year has been much stronger than previously thought and it is likely that prices keeps shored between USD 4,600 and USD 4,900 per ton in the next quarter," said David Wilson, strategist at Citi.

    Source: La Tercera

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  • ALEXIM participated of the thrity anniversary of AEA’s

    September 18th, 2016 

    ALEXIM participated of the 30th anniversary of AEA’s (Association Emergency Ayacucho) as Gold sponsor, where auctions were conducted to collect funds for this charity organization.

    AEA was founded in 1985, and provides care to the orphan children that survived terrorist attacks in Ayacucho, through education to more than 500 children, basic needs and the inspiration to become outstanding citizens.

    AEA is responsible for funding the daily operations of 3 orphan homes, in addition to the program "Godparent" as an annual commitment of the sponsors pairing them with a child living in the orphanages.

    We invite you to join this generous initiative. There are many ways to participate! Visit this website for further information:

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  • Alexim was present at MinExpo, Las Vegas

    From 26 to 28 September 2016

    Alexim participated in MINExpo® 2016. More than 840K SQF dedicated to conventions and 1900+ booths where exhibitors showed their mining solutions. Solutions that make it possible for the mining industry to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities in a rapidly changing world in need of metals, minerals and energy. Solutions are found at MINExpo 2016 with imaginative new products and services, innovative technologies and learning from the expertise of others. That is why, every four years, leaders, managers and decision makers from the mining industry come to MINExpo.


    Ernesto Sáenz – Supply Chain Manager of Alexim Trading Corporation.


    Teresa Prado – Commercial Manager of Alexim Trading Corporation.




    Teresa Prado – Commercial Manager of Alexim Trading Corporation.




    Ernesto Sáenz – Supply Chain Manager of Alexim Trading Corporation.

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  • Alexim at Breakbulk Americas exhibition

    From 26 to 29 September 2016

    Alexim participated in the Breakbulk Americas 2016, which is the largest exhibition of its kind in North America, bringing top-tier shippers together with breakbulk and project cargo service providers in the nation’s biggest breakbulk port city (Houston).

    Pics from


    Breakbulk Americas 2016




    Hoegh Autoliners




    Port of Houston Authority

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  • Alexim was present at Sitevinitech

    From 27 to 29 October 2016

    Alexim participated in the third showroom and international congress for the wine and olive industry of Latin America SITEVINITECH 2016. In this business meeting the latest technological innovations for development that require regional markets in order to strengthen exports meet.


    Sitevinitech 2016


    Elsa Rojas – Alexim Argentina Manager

    Andrea Ursini – TGD Representative


    Sitevinitech 2016


    Sitevinitech 2016

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